oil change

Oil Overflow

Just as the human body needs blood running through the veins to stay alive, so does motor oil in your vehicle’s engine. Motor oil provides lubrication to prevent internal parts from rubbing metal to metal, prevents overheating of internal components not cooled by the coolant, and prevents corrosion of essential engine components.

Several different types of engine oils exist to keep all kinds of engines running smoothly. However, the most common engine oils are conventional, synthetic blend, and full synthetic oils. ...

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Car Not Accelerating Like It Used To

When you step on the gas pedal, you expect your car to respond by picking up speed based on how hard you press down on the pedal. Vehicles that are receiving ample fuel and are otherwise well-tuned, should take off as expected. When this action doesn’t occur, and instead the car hesitates or accelerates slowly, the car may be experiencing trouble with the fuel or emissions system. A car that has trouble accelerating should be repaired immediately as you may ...

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