Bumper Repair and Refinishing


bumper repairsPerformance Collision does bumper repair and refinishing. If you have recently bumped into something with your car and have a crack, dent, scratch, scuff, or peeling then you need our bumper repair service.

Doing bumper repair is a lot more affordable than replacing the bumper. Many Auto body repair companies will tell you that you need to replace your bumper, however we make it affordable and easy to fix those imperfections.

Our basic pricing (an estimation) of these type of repairs are listed below for your convience, however we do want you to know that we do take a careful look at each repair to give estimates to appropriately match your specific repair. Get A Quote for a “bumper repair”…

Bumper repairs and refinish : Start at $250 plus paint material.

Bumper replacement: Start at $250 plus part and paint material.

We value your business and we are a local company that has grown over the past few years based off of referrals. We take pride in performing a good quality repair with great service, you wont be disapointed. Our phone number is listed below if you would rather talk to a live representative.